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Drexler Limited Slip Differentials

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Drexler Limited Slip from Autotech Driveline

To satisfy the great demand for a pure, adjustable, racing differential, we have forged an alliance with Drexler Motorsport from Germany and now offer their adjustable, zero-preload limited slip differentials. The motorsport departments of many leading car manufacturers and renowned tuning houses trust Drexler - because Drexler produce no-compromise driveline components for those who make their living in motorsport.

Drexler limited slip differentials are considered amongst the best products in this sector worldwide. Thousands of these differentials are already in use, and Drexler continues to develop new differentials every month. At the moment, Drexler limited slip differentials are available for more than 200 different vehicle types.

The advantages of Drexler differentials are:

  • small constructed size
  • low¬†weight
  • preload and lock-up torque (10% - 90%) are fully customizable
  • progressive / digressive characteristic available
  • quick response time

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Drexler Formula Student (FSAE) Limited Slip Differentials

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