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Drexler Limited Slip Differential for Formula Student (FSAE)


Drexler Limited Slip from Autotech Driveline

Drexler's Limited Slip Differential for formula student competition has become the choice of winning competitors worldwide. It is light, compact, and has proven itself in competition for many years.

Drexler FS Differential Features:

  • Original Version: Choice of three widths: 120mm, 140mm, or 160mm bearing distance
  • Adjustable Version: Choice of two widths: 140mm and 160mm bearing distance
  • Low¬†weight: appx 2.6Kg
  • Preload: Original= 20-25 Nm on delivery and ~10 Nm after run in; Adjustable=0-75Nm externally adjustable
  • Includes 3 ramp settings for adjustability, making a total of 6 ramp setting options
  • STOCK UPDATE (8/2019): We currently have units in stock in CA. Call (949) 362-8700 to order.
  • Contact us for more information: drexler at or use the form at top of page.
Drexler Limited Slip from Autotech Driveline

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